Bowel Resection (Colectomy/Hemicolectomy) mayo stand and back table surgery setup

Mayo stand and back table instruments for Bowel Resection (Colectomy/Hemicolectomy) surgery setup

Clamping & Occluding

  • Hemostatic Clip Applier

    Hemostatic Clip Applier

  • Curved Hemostat

    Curved Hemostat

  • Right Angle Clamp

    Right Angle Clamp

  • Kocher Forceps

    Kocher Forceps

  • Kelly Forceps

    Kelly Forceps

  • Straight Hemostat

    Straight Hemostat

  • Babcock


  • Allis Forceps

    Allis Forceps

Cutting & Dissecting

  • #3 Knife Handle

    #3 Knife Handle

  • Metzenbaum Scissor

    Metzenbaum Scissor

  • Curved Mayo Scissor

    Curved Mayo Scissor

  • Straight Mayo Scissor

    Straight Mayo Scissor

Grasping & Holding

  • Toothed Forcep

    Toothed Forcep

  • Smooth Adson

    Smooth Adson

  • Adson Forceps

    Adson Forceps

  • Russian Tissue Forceps

    Russian Tissue Forceps

  • Forester Sponge Forceps

    Forester Sponge Forceps

  • Ferris Smith Tissue Forceps

    Ferris Smith Tissue Forceps

  • Non toothed Pickup

    Non toothed Pickup

  • Debakey Forceps

    Debakey Forceps

Retracting & Exposing

  • Bookwalter Retractor

    Bookwalter Retractor

  • Balfour Retractor

    Balfour Retractor

  • Tessier Malleable Retractor

    Tessier Malleable Retractor

  • Army-Navy Retractor

    Army-Navy Retractor

  • Richardson Retractor

    Richardson Retractor

  • Deaver Retractor

    Deaver Retractor


  • Yankauer Suction

    Yankauer Suction

  • Poole Suction Probe

    Poole Suction Probe

Suturing & Stapling

  • Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

    Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

What to expect during Bowel Resection (Colectomy/Hemicolectomy)

Surgery Steps: An incision is made to make the small bowel accessible, usually with a 10 blade. The mesentery will be cut into and dissected, all while maintaining hemostasis. The affected part of small bowel is found, and removed, usually using either a TA or GIA stapler to connect the two ends of small bowel back together. The resected piece of small bowel should be handed off as a specimen. After hemostasis is ensured, closure will begin in layers. 


Extra Equipment: ESU, suction 


Drapes: Folded towels, laparotomy drape


Notes: Have long instrument trays available, as well as a Balfour and Bookwalter retractor. Always have different size clips easily accessible. The resected part of the bowel being removed should be kept separate in order to avoid contaminating the rest of the sterile setup. Any instruments that become contaminated with bowel contents should also be taken off of the sterile field. A separate sterile field may be requested for the end of the case for closing, containing extra gowns, gloves, and a minor procedure tray.

Scar after Hemicolectomy surgery

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