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What to expect during Cataracts (Dr. Hahn)

Drape, Steri-strips, eyelid retractor, local, viscoat, 0.12 TF in right hand & small slit blade in the left hand, local, viscoat, big diamond blade (keratome), cystotome needle on TB syringe, capsulorhexis TF (aka Utrata), BSS in 3mL syringe w/hydrodissection needle, viscoat, phaco handpiece, chopper (place in Dr.’s hand), prepare lens with ProVisc, switch to IA handpiece, viscoat, change settings to viscoat, lens, ti-moxi-ket, IA handpiece, BSS in 3mL syringe, Wecks x2, Betadine/3×3’s wet & dry, & eye drops. TURNOVER.

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