Mayo stand and back table instruments for Colonoscopy surgery setup


  • Colonoscope


What to expect during Colonoscopy

Colonoscopies are popularly done by an Endo team, but they can also be done in the OR too.

The patient is usually sedated and placed on their side.

The surgeon will put lubricant on the colonoscope and insert it into the rectum. They will advance the scope through the colon and look for abnormalities.

Colonoscopies are very routine, and usually a simple scope is all you need. Other times the surgeon will want to take biopsies if they see abnormalities. A long snare may be used if there are any polyps, and a long flexible cup forcep may be used if the surgeon wants to take a piece of tissue.

A large syringe filled with saline may be used to flush through the scope if visualization is poor.

Before the patient’s scope is done, they are told to drink clear liquids for around 24 hours before so there aren’t any solid particles in the doctor’s way.

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      • Diana Lei-aloha says:

        The outside of the scope can be wiped down, and there’s actually a scope cleaner from the scope manufacturer that your facility should have. It’s a blue liquid “soap” that you suck up through the scope before sending it to decontam to be sterilized.

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