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    Account questions

    When you create an account either through the new account page or through an automatic account creation during an order, a password is created for you automatically. This password is sent to your email.

    If can’t find your password email, after checking your email and its spam folder, you can reset your password to obtain a new password for your account. You may reset your password by click the “lost password” link during login or by going directly to the password reset page:

    Your password can be reset from your account page under the Account Details section.

    Reset your password here:

    CSTSetup uses a service called to handle all profile pictures. Gravatar powers your public profile, visible wherever you post, comment, and interact online.

    Set up an account with Gravatar using the same email as your CSTSetup account. One completed, you can change your Gravatar by following the instructions here:

    CSTSetup has no access to profile photos and can not control them. The profile picture for your account is pulled from It is a popular profile picture hosting site that is used all across the web and has been used for over fifteen years.

    In the past, members have learned someone else signed up with their email and set a profile picture or they set one a long time ago and forgot. Since it is connected to your email, you can simply reset your password and regain access to the account to set the password. Learn how to reset your password here:

    Pro membership questions

    When you make a purchase on the site, an account is automatically created using the email address you used during the purchase process. The password for your account is emailed to you immediately after your purchase.

    Managing your Pro membership is extremely easy. From your account page, navigate to “My subscriptions”. From here, you can update and manage your Pro membership.

    Your account page:

    Paid for photos

    Currently, we are only offering PayPal and Venmo. For those that don’t have those options available we can also offer a free month of CSTSetup Pro.

    If you prefer payment, Venmo is extremely easy to set up and receive payments through. Currently, it is the most popular and preferred option.

    Flash cards

    To turn a setup into a flash card set that you can study, do the following:

    1. Navigate to the setup you would like to turn into a flash card set
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the post, just above the comment section
    3. Find the Setup options section
    4. Click the button that says “Create flash card set from instruments”

    You will be redirected to your flashcard settings page where your new flash card set will available.

    Only PRO members with less than ten flash card sets will be able to see the option to turn a setup’s instruments into a flash card set. You will need to become a pro member or delete one of your flash card sets to use the option.