Mayo stand and back table instruments for Dr. Ayad McDonald Cerclage surgery setup

Retracting & Exposing

  • Adjustable Eye Speculum

    Adjustable Eye Speculum

  • Auvard Speculum

    Auvard Speculum

What to expect during Dr. Ayad McDonald Cerclage


  • Cerclage Set
  • Pitcher


  • 1 lithotomy pack
  • Club 6 1/2 white
  • gown
  • 1 Plain?
  • 1 Asepto
  • Needle boxbox
  • 1 yankauer suction
  • Betadine to soak suture
  • Probe cover?



  • SCD Unit
  • Suction Unit
  • Allen Stir-ups
  • Ultrasound in OR



  • MERSILENE 5mm D9212

Drugs- NACL 500mg.

Notes –  Ultrasound in Pre-op and post-op

Dr. Stands for procedure
speculum, jelly, red rubber on Hemostat, scissors, suture soaked in betadine,


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