Mayo stand and back table instruments for Dr. Drake Loop Ileostomy surgery setup


  • Yankauer Suction

    Yankauer Suction

What to expect during Dr. Drake Loop Ileostomy

  • Major basin pack
  • Dr. Drake (XL) 8g/7.5w
  • Judy (L) 7g/7w
  • Local- 0.25% marcaine/Exparel 1:1
  • Suture- 3-0 vicryl SH pop offs; 2-0 silk ties; 2-0 vicryl CT-1; 4-0 monocryl
  • Misc- marking pen (perm side); (2) 5mm balloon trocars; Red rubber
  • Equipment- Major tray; Lap tray; Bowel graspers (2); 0/30 scope; 15 blade

– (2) bowel graspers; (2) babcocks; (6) hemostats; (1) adson; (1) scissor; (1) Army navy; (1) Bull retractor


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