8A41789B-C3C2-4DC5-9808-C498AADFFB4F-3.jpeg C1706752-7841-4BA4-B681-7C88E680F6F1-2.jpeg 917E56B2-A95C-4E34-A5C7-2013F42045A5-1.jpeg C636CEA9-8F53-412A-9168-AFA16DE29D53-0.jpeg

What to expect during Khazzam – Total Shoulder (Primary)

• Likes Pen/Scratch Pad on Bovid Holster.
• 2 Mayo Tables: (1) Instruments (2) Arm Stand + Black Pillow with Mayo Cover and wrapped in Coban dressing.
• Drape Order: 3/4 x2 > Plastic Split x2 > Midline Split x2
• Cut Ioban into 4ths.

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