Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

9E94A9D2-157A-4EBC-9AAB-7079F4EE0172-2.jpeg 737B7DAB-096C-49E9-A531-6D22DE405433-1.jpeg Orthotopic Liver Transplantation CST Setup

Mayo stand and back table instruments for Orthotopic Liver Transplantation surgery setup

Clamping & Occluding

  • Tubing Clamp

    Tubing Clamp

  • Debakey Mini Multipurpose Clamp

    Debakey Mini Multipurpose Clamp

  • Crawford Clamp

    Crawford Clamp

Cutting & Dissecting

  • Stevens Tenotomy Scissor

    Stevens Tenotomy Scissor

  • Metzenbaum Scissor

    Metzenbaum Scissor

  • Straight Mayo Scissor

    Straight Mayo Scissor

  • Tenotomy Scissor

    Tenotomy Scissor

Grasping & Holding

  • Debakey Micro Forceps with round handle

    Debakey Micro Forceps with round handle

  • Debakey Forcep

    Debakey Forcep

Retracting & Exposing

  • Thompson Retractor

    Thompson Retractor

Suturing & Stapling

  • Micro Vascular Needle Holder

    Micro Vascular Needle Holder

What to expect during Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

For our liver transplants we do go on bypass. Axillary vein, Femoral and Portal. Our main instruments are hemo stats, right angles, and scissors. Various silk ties, and 2 vessel loops. We occasionally use a stapler for the veins (60, or 45 ethicon) Crawford clamps for the vena cava, and a pediatric vascular clamp for the portal vein. 3-0 and 4-0 Prolene SH for the cava, 6-0 BV1 for vein, 7-0 Prolene BV1 for artery, and 6-0 PDS BV1 for biliary anastomoses. 5-0 Prolene C1 are usually for bleeders!

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