Mayo stand and back table instruments for Parathyroidectomy surgery setup

Clamping & Occluding

  • Allis Forceps

    Allis Forceps

  • Hemostatic Clip Applier

    Hemostatic Clip Applier

  • Kelly Forceps

    Kelly Forceps

  • Mosquito Clamp – Curved

    Mosquito Clamp – Curved

  • Rienhoff Swan-Neck Clamp

    Rienhoff Swan-Neck Clamp

  • Right Angle Clamp

    Right Angle Clamp

Cutting & Dissecting

  • #3 Knife Handle

    #3 Knife Handle

  • Metzenbaum Scissor

    Metzenbaum Scissor

  • Straight Mayo Scissor

    Straight Mayo Scissor

Grasping & Holding

  • Adson Forceps

    Adson Forceps

  • Debakey Forceps

    Debakey Forceps

  • Smooth Adson

    Smooth Adson

Retracting & Exposing

  • Freer Skin Hook

    Freer Skin Hook

  • Lahey Thyroid Retractor

    Lahey Thyroid Retractor

  • Mahorner Thyroid Retractor

    Mahorner Thyroid Retractor

  • Richardson Retractor

    Richardson Retractor

  • Weitlaner Retractor

    Weitlaner Retractor


  • Ferg-Frazier Suction

    Ferg-Frazier Suction

  • Yankauer Suction

    Yankauer Suction

Suturing & Stapling

  • Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

    Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

  • Ryder Needle Holder

    Ryder Needle Holder

What to expect during Parathyroidectomy


supine with neck extended

Special equipment:

nerve monitor probe (surgeon’s preference) I like to keep mine in my bovie holster since they are thin and somewhat sharp

Surgery steps:

An incision with a 15 blade will be made along the collar in the neck crease. The surgeon will do a lot of dissecting down to the thyroid. Silk ties should be readily available to tie off any vessels that they come across. Small retractors like skin hooks or Richardsons will be used until the surgeon has dissect deep enough to use a self retaining retractor.

A lot of muscles and vessels will be ligated and divided. Always make sure to have a variety of different sized clip appliers available.

A sample of PTH serum will be taken to get the baseline.

The rest of the gland will be dissected from the rest of the thyroid, and another PTH sample will be taken and sent STAT to the lab. If all of the levels look good, the incision will be irrigated and closed.

2 thoughts on “Parathyroidectomy

    • Diana Lei-aloha says:

      Good question! During a parathyroid surgery, the parathyroid gland that is attached to the thyroid is removed, whereas in a thyroidectomy the thyroid itself is removed.

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