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Track your setup

Be able to look back at your progress and see all you’ve accomplished. An excellent tool to keep your setups organized.

  • Quickly show others how you recommend setting up for surgery
  • Easily keep up with the tools you use for each surgery
  • Track how specific doctors perform each surgery and their preference
  • Advanced tool system; find a tool by the name you know it as

Professional assistant

Receive unique and constructive information on each set up request.

  • Unlimited help on understanding guides and setups
  • Questions answered by surgical techs with five plus years of experience
  • Have someone to ask what the differences are between two similar surgeries
  • Personal back-up when things just aren’t making sense

Guide access

Have the ability to search for guides that you need to check out, the moment you need them.

  • Unlimited access to all guides on CSTSetup
  • Find the perfect way to organize your back table
  • Know what the tools look like and their names
  • Learn what tool to have in hand before the doctor even asks

Setup requests

Requests specific and unique surgery set up guides designed around your operating room needs.

  • Unlimited surgery guide requests
  • Guides are created by techs with five plus years of experience
  • Completed in twenty four to forty eight hours for subscribers
  • Subscribers enjoy higher priority requests so they can be ready that 7am start case

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