Printable surgical tech flashcards now available

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We’re thrilled to announce a brand new feature exclusively for our CSTSetup Pros that is sure to enrich your learning experience: the ability to print surgical instrument flashcards directly from our platform!

Our Pros have long enjoyed the benefits of transforming comprehensive surgery setup guides into interactive flashcards. These cards have been instrumental in helping surgical techs visualize and memorize the tools of their trade, with one side displaying a clear, detailed image of an instrument and the other providing its name and category.

In our continuous effort to enhance our service, we’ve now made these invaluable learning aids printable. This new feature caters to the tactile learner, the note-taker, the highlighter, and the tech that takes their prep anywhere – from the break room to the library.

As a CSTSetup Pro, you have the exclusive privilege of bringing these digital resources into the physical realm. Customization remains a cornerstone of our platform; you can still add and remove instruments to craft the perfect study aid tailored to your upcoming cases or exams. Now, with the added benefit of print-ability, you can create a physical deck that’s as unique as your learning needs.

Imagine the ease of flipping through your custom deck of surgical instrument flashcards, with no screen or battery life to worry about. It’s studying made simple, accessible, and completely offline.

To our Pros, we extend a heartfelt thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait for you to start using this new feature. If you’re not a Pro member yet, join the CSTSetup community today to take advantage of this and many other exclusive features designed for your professional growth.

Dive into the new printable flashcards, enrich your learning, and experience the flexibility and portability that only CSTSetup can provide. Happy studying, and here’s to your continued success in the dynamic world of surgical technology!

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