Surgery setup images for Radecke – Lap LOA & PD Cath


LOA comes First
– Verris Needle
– 11 Blade for first port ( it’s a 5)
– 0 degree 5mm scope to get visual
– 11 blade for second port
– D&G Grasper
– Scissors (mono polar cord needed)

PD Cath
– Changes to 30 degree 5mm scope
– two small incisions below belly button
– 2-0 Prolene to hold Cath to abdominal wall ( uses Carter Thompson) (will tag each one with a hemostat total of 2 needed)
– Guide Cath for catheter (holes at the tip of catheter guide)
– 3-0 Vicryl to close
– 4-0 monocryl to close
– dressings – Cath is bio patch, 4×4 and tape; Rest is 1/2 steristrips, 2×2 and small tegaderms

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