Mayo stand and back table instruments for Splenectomy surgery setup

Clamping & Occluding

  • Allis Forceps

    Allis Forceps

  • Babcock


  • Curved Hemostat

    Curved Hemostat

  • Kelly Forceps

    Kelly Forceps

  • Kocher Forceps

    Kocher Forceps

  • Tonsil Clamp

    Tonsil Clamp

Cutting & Dissecting

  • #3 Knife Handle

    #3 Knife Handle

  • Metzenbaum Scissor

    Metzenbaum Scissor

  • Straight Mayo Scissor

    Straight Mayo Scissor

Grasping & Holding

  • Adson Forceps

    Adson Forceps

  • Bonney Forceps

    Bonney Forceps

  • Debakey Forcep

    Debakey Forcep

  • Toothed Forcep

    Toothed Forcep

Retracting & Exposing

  • Army-Navy Retractor

    Army-Navy Retractor

  • Richardson Retractor

    Richardson Retractor


  • Poole Suction Probe

    Poole Suction Probe

  • Yankauer Suction

    Yankauer Suction

Suturing & Stapling

  • Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

    Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

What to expect during Splenectomy

A 15 or 10 blade loaded on a #3 knife handle will be used to make the initial incision. The doctor will use adsons, Metz, bovie and some smaller retractors to start dissecting through tissue to enter the abdomen.

The spleen will be reached and pulled forward to the incision. All of the spleen attachments and blood vessels will be ligated either with bovie, Metz, or with ties loaded on tonsils or used freehand.

A lot of 0 and 2-0 ties should be available, along with vessel loops.

After all of the attachments have been ligated and removed, the spleen will be passed off as a specimen.

All of the bleeding will be stopped and the incision can be closed. Drains usually aren’t used for splenectomies. Staples are usually used on the skin.

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