Create an organization

Question: How do I create an organization on


To create an organization on, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Support:
    • Currently, the only way to create an organization is by messaging our support team. This ensures that we set up your organization correctly and tailor it to your needs.
  2. Eligibility:
    • We are currently accepting requests from hospitals and teachers. If you fall into one of these categories, you are eligible to create an organization.
  3. Free Setup:
    • Creating an organization and inviting members is completely free. There are no charges for setting up the organization itself.
  4. Optional Pro Membership:
    • While having a Pro membership is optional, it provides additional benefits such as creating flashcards. Additionally, you can choose to purchase Pro memberships for your members at a bulk discount if desired.
  5. Message Support:
    • To get started, contact our support team with the following information:
      • Your name and contact information
      • The name of your hospital or educational institution
      • A brief description of how you plan to use the organization tool

Our support team will assist you with the setup process and provide any additional information you may need. Once your organization is created, you will be able to invite members, manage Pro seats, and utilize all the features designed to enhance collaboration and learning within your organization.

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