How flashcards work

Question: How does the flashcard system on work?


The flashcard system on is designed to help users study and master surgical instruments. Here’s how it works:

  1. Viewing Flashcards:
    • Each flashcard shows an image of a surgical instrument on the front.
    • Clicking the flashcard flips it to reveal the name of the instrument, its category, and any other known names.
  2. Interaction:
    • Swipe right or click the “Confident” button if you are confident about the instrument.
    • Swipe left or click the “Study” button if you need to study the instrument further.
    • Use the “Flip All” button to flip all cards at once.
    • Use the “Shuffle” button to shuffle the cards in a random order.
  3. Restudy or Start Over:
    • At the end of your session, you can choose to restudy the instruments you need more practice with or start over with a new session.

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