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Question: What can staff members do in the organization tool on


As a staff member and organization owner on, you have access to several management features. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Invite Members to Your Organization:
    • Send invitations to colleagues, students, or staff members to join your organization using unique invite links.
  2. Buy Pro Seats at a Bulk Discount:
    • Purchase Pro membership seats for your organization members at a discounted bulk rate, providing them access to advanced features and resources.
  3. Give/Remove Seats from Members:
    • Allocate Pro membership seats to members as needed and remove seats when they are no longer required.
  4. Approve Pending Members/Remove Members:
    • Manage member requests by approving or rejecting pending invitations and remove members from your organization when necessary.
  5. Search and Filter by Members:
    • Use the search and filter options to easily find and manage members within your organization.
  6. All Features of Regular Members:
    • In addition to these administrative capabilities, you also have access to all the features available to regular members, such as creating and studying flashcards, viewing and sharing surgical setup guides, and more.

By leveraging these features, you can efficiently manage your organization, ensure that members have the resources they need, and foster a collaborative learning and training environment.

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