Discogram mayo stand and back table surgery setup

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Discogram surgery instruments

No instruments found.

What to expect during Discogram

Medications (contrast mix):  Isovue 15Ml, Ancef 10Mg, Dotarem 0.5mL, Gentamycin 1mL/ 40Mg

Drapes: (4) Utility Drapes OR Blue OR towels & Half sheet

Instruments/ Supplies: Skin marker, (2) specimen cup, Switch n’ Sticks, 22g X 31/2 Spinal needle (DR PREFERENCE), (1) 10 mL syringes, (1) 25g Hypo, (3) 3mL syringe, extension tubing

Dressings: Band Aid or 4×4 Gauze sponge w/ Tegadrem


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