Dr. Belzberg Fistula mayo stand and back table surgery setup

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Surgery setup images for Dr. Belzberg Fistula

Dr. Belzberg Fistula surgery instruments

No instruments found.

What to expect during Dr. Belzberg Fistula




4-0 nylon 662 (2)

3-0 silk ties SA84 (cut to 18in)

6-0 prolene 8709


1/2 Penrose


Dr Williams tray just for small Potts scissors

New AV shunt tray

Vascular pack

Mini dev-o-loops (hold)

Medium clip (hold)

Small clip (hold)

2-0 silk ties A185 (hold)


Will use Litlers but calls them metz

Starts off with adsons then switches to smooth Gerald’s

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