Dr. Farrell Clavicle ORIF mayo stand and back table surgery setup

Dr. Farrell Clavicle ORIF surgery instruments

No instruments found.

What to expect during Dr. Farrell Clavicle ORIF


Supine, will not have arm extended. Will be at side with arm board


2 impervious splits; one up the body and one down
Impervious stockinettes with Conan
Half sheet covering feet
2 split drapes; one going up and one going down
Ioban cut in fourths, squaring off site
1016 drain pouch under arm pit
#10 blade
2 curved osteotomes (1/4 and 1/2 inch)
Rat tooth forcep
Thinnest tip ronguer
Crab claw bone clamps
Sharp and dull large Weitlaners
Senn retractors
Have burr available to smooth out fracture. May use Synthes 1.8 drill and screws to reduce fracture. Will then chose plate. Will use 2 threaded wires to hold plate in place. Then use 2.0-2.7 drills bit and 2.5-3.5 screws for placement. Only will use hand driver for screws, attach screw grasper to end of screwdriver.

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