Dr. Sideman Hip Hemi-arthroplasty mayo stand and back table surgery setup

Dr. Sideman Hip Hemi-arthroplasty surgery instruments

No instruments found.

What to expect during Dr. Sideman Hip Hemi-arthroplasty

Dr. Siedma is LEFT handed

Use the mayo stand cover from the pack for padded mayo. Open 1 extra for total of 3 mayo stands. Use 2 half sheets from pack for  covering tables, use the extra half sheets opened in field for draping. One half sheet goes over ring stand cover under basin. Put dressings under basin. Use large blue tub for drapes, gowns and hoods. In basin is bovie, suction, pulse evac, etc..things for on surgical field. All De Puy implant trial trays on second table, along with Stryker power. Big blue tub stays on wrapped double ring stand.  Coban towel and mayo stand cover on padded mayo, then use Ioban that comes in pack to “tape” down. Coban together 2 gowns for bump. 

Mayo stand:
Cobb, osteotome w/handle, mallet, Metz, Bonnie’s, peon, kocher, ronguer, cobra, angled Hohman, Hibbs retractor, femoral retractor (baby seal club).
Power loaded with saw blade, and cork screw, T-Handle, and broach accessories.
  • 1/2 sheet
  • stockinette
  • impervious split up
  • reg split down
  • clear Ioban under operative legsandwiched between leg and drapes
  • reg Ioban on top of operative leg from hip to knee


#10 Knife blade on #3 handle

Sharp Weitlaner followed by second one

knfe again to cut capsule

Alexis wound retractor

Cobb, bovie, cobra’s and Hibbs for retraction

May clean “garbage” with ronguer, and inject with REK concoction

2 Ti-from suture used for retraction with snap

Saws or osteotomes off head of femur

uses cork screw on power to remove head

may use baby seal club for retraction

will ream and broach femur first, call out each one by size as used. Have mallet on hand. Keep last sizes used on farthest mayo for reference later



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