Dr. Tran Phaco – 7 Bio mayo stand and back table surgery setup

Dr. Tran Phaco – 7 Bio surgery instruments

No instruments found.

What to expect during Dr. Tran Phaco – 7 Bio


Position microscope turn on to Dr. Tran setting,

Set up centurion, wipe down w alcohol, turn machine on, pull out and position front control panel& set height, open saline bag area, wipe top of bag w alcohol, then add bag, add additional bags and wipe with alcohol. 

Dr. Tran


  • Clariday eye set 
  • Phaco extras
  • Centurion Phaco set
  • Chang cannula
  • Nagahara

Duovisc eye lubricant


For stint- Healon, and instrument prism

Order of instruments

  • Scissors
  • Eye speculum
  • BSS – bottle on 19g.
  • .12 forcep
  • 1.0 Side Port 
  • 1% lido pl. TB Syr. sugar H2O
  • Viscoat
  • 2.4 Keratome-pink
  • 1cc Syr. w/ Cystome (Cyst-empty)
  • Utradas
  • 27g. on 3cc BSS 
  • Chang 3cc BSS Phaco/hand piece-w-
  • Nagahara
  • 27g. on BSS
  • INA handpiece
  • Provisc
  • Lens 
  • 27g. 3cc syringe BSS
  • IA- visco (setting machine)
  • 27g. 3cc BSS
  • Weck cell 

DRESSING-4×4’s / Shield

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