Fem Pop Set Up – Shaloub mayo stand and back table surgery setup

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Surgery setup images for Fem Pop Set Up – Shaloub

Fem Pop Set Up – Shaloub surgery instruments

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What to expect during Fem Pop Set Up – Shaloub

Special Notes

***All Vascular cases use Dull Instruments!!!***

– Umbilical Tape cut 1/3 off and keep the longer two pieces for the case (keep the 1/3 on field just incase)

– Hep Saline always Warm

– Vessel Loop or Umbilical tape gets a hemostat

– cut off Red Rubber Tip, cut rest to 6cm length (should have no less than 4) this is used for the romel along with the umbilical tape, a curved hemostat

– All prolenes go with a suture boot (yellow tips w/ straight mosquitos) (start with 4 on the Mayo)

– Heanley Retractor

Mayo Stand

– Skin Marker

– 11 blade on #7 handle

– 15 blade on #3 handle

– Right Handle

-Cooley scissors (used for Disection)

-Large Pott Scissors
-Tenotomy Scissors (Black Handle)

– big Rich & Sm rich

– Profunda Clamp

– Satinsky Clamp

– Fogarty Clamp

– 2-0 & 3-0 silk ties (2-0 closest to me, most asked for)

– load two large curved gazergilds

– straight Castro veijo (rounded handle)

– 4x forceps (2 ring forceps) (2 Geralds)

– 4x Straight Mosquitoes with Yellow Boots

– 4x Curved Hemostats

– 2x Dull Weitlander (medium size)


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