Port catheter placement mayo stand and back table surgery setup

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Port catheter placement surgery instruments

No instruments found.

What to expect during Port catheter placement

  • Saline flush
  • 0.25% Marcaine plain
  • 2mL heparin in a 3mL syringe at the end (uses 1.2mL)

minor instrument tray

9.6 port catheter


patient supine with arms in burrito roll


mayo: neutral zone with 11 and 15

saline in 10mL syringe

marcaine in 10mL syringe

3 snaps

1 mosquito




syringe with needle from cath set

port and catheter connected

silver driving needle

dilator and silver sheath (sheath off)

non penetrating towel clamp


0 vicryl (x2)

3-0 vicryl

4-0 biosyn



  1. prep and drape
  2. Half sheet then 4 sticky towels
  3. lap drape
  4. Light handles, bovie
  5. ultrasound cover and lube on transducer

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