General setups: Surgical tech mayo stand and back table OR setups

An incision will be made around the areola with a 15 blade loaded on a #3 knife handle. Adsons and the bovie will be used to dessert down into the breast tissue. Metz and DeBakeys will also be used.

A variety of retractors will be used, depending on how deep . . .

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Having an understanding of basic instrumentation that you can have available for a surgery is very important. You can use parts of this setup for close to any general surgery. Here are some basic instruments you should feel comfortable putting on your Mayo stand: Clamps: keep in mind the tissue the surgeon will be handling […]

Colonoscopies are popularly done by an Endo team, but they can also be done in the OR too. The patient is usually sedated and placed on their side. The surgeon will put lubricant on the colonoscope and insert it into the rectum. They will advance the scope through the colon and look for abnormalities. Colonoscopies […]

Surgery Steps: An incision is made to make the small bowel accessible, usually with a 10 blade. The mesentery will be cut into and dissected, all while maintaining hemostasis. The affected part of small bowel is found, and removed, usually using either a TA or GIA stapler to connect the two ends of small bowel […]

The donor kidney will be brought to the OR and will be prepared to be implanted into the recipient. Fat will be cleaned off, and the vessels will be dissected clean and will be shortened to make the anastomosis easier. An aortic cuff may be used if the kidney came from a deceased patient. The […]

The patient will be supine on the OR table. Folded towels and a laparotomy drape will be used to drape the patient out. The bovie and suction need to be thrown off and attached to the drape. The surgeon will inject local, and then used a 15 blade to make incision. The bovie, Metz, debakeys, […]

Proper imaging should be done before the patient comes to the OR for surgery, but if the patient is opened up and the surgeon finds the cancer has spread throughout the abdomen, they will abort the whole procedure. The patient will be positioned supine on the OR table, and they will be under general anesthesia. […]

The patient will be supine with folded towels around incision site, along with a lap drape. The camera, light cord, insufflation tubing, suction irrigator, and bovie will be passed off and clamped to the drape. The surgeon will use a 15 or 11 blade to made incisions where the ports will go. Usually 2-3 5mm […]

A 15 or 10 blade loaded on a #3 knife handle will be used to make the initial incision. The doctor will use adsons, Metz, bovie and some smaller retractors to start dissecting through tissue to enter the abdomen. The spleen will be reached and pulled forward to the incision. All of the spleen attachments […]

The surgeon will make an incision with a 15 blade across the neck. Dissection with cautery to reach the platysma. They will then retract with the skin hooks, and use the cautery more. Once deeper, a self retaining retractor will be placed. They will then use blunt dissection with a pair of Metz to go […]

A 10 blade will be used to made a big incision on the patient’s abdomen. The surgeon will dissect down to the bowel using cautery, Metz, and a variety of pickups such as adsons, rat tooths, and debakeys. At the beginning, they will use medium and big Richardson retractors to retract. Once they are done […]

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