Vascular setups: Surgical tech mayo stand and back table OR setups

Patients are usually sedated or injected with a local anesthetic. Sometimes they are put under general depending on their circumstances. The surgeon will cut the skin over femoral artery in the groin. Once they dissect down to the artery, they will insert a wire into the femoral artery and pass it up to the aneurysm. […]

Positioning: The patient will be positioned with their neck extended and their head turned away from the operating side. A 15 blade on a #3 knife handle will be used to make an incision medially to the sternocleidomastoid muscle. The surgeon will dissect down through the fat using bovie, metz and debakey pickups. Dull Weitlaners, […]

This is a L carotid endart, which is removal of plaque in the carotid artery. This is a very complex surgery because you are essentially going to be stopping blood flow to the brain so not many people can do them. So mainly what it intails is opening up the carotid and removing the plaque […]

A phlebectomy is done to remove varicose veins. It can be done under local or general anesthesia depending on the doctor’s preference and the patient’s tolerance. The doctor will make an incision either with an 11 blade, or a large gauged needle. A phlebectomy hook is used to dissect to the vein. Once it is […]

The surgeon will make their incision using a 15 blade loaded onto a #3 knife handle. It will be a pretty big incision along the arm. The bovie will then be used with your adson pickups to dissect down to the basilic vein. As they get deeper, they will switch to either gerald or debakey […]

I have the setup in order, from left to right. Start with 15blade and Adsons and then disect down with bovie and Metz. Switch to debakeys and fine debakeys as asked. 3-0 silk ties to tie off branches as you come across them. Once finding the artery and vein, vessel loops will go around them […]

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